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Self-taught photographer since 2003, I decided to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship, opening JCS PHOTOGRAPHY in February 2011.

In more than 10 years of existence, many of you have asked me, both individuals and professionals, for the creation of your most beautiful memories and the creation of image banks.  


Each new request is a new challenge for me! We must constantly renew ourselves, not fall asleep on our laurels and always offer new things!  

So many challenges that I like to take up day after day.

In March 2016, I made the bet to offer you Photo Booths, each more original than the next. I don't like to offer the same thing as everyone else, successful bet! Creation of the brand:

More than 150 events covered per year! And this thanks to you!  


In June 2019, I decided to add a string to my bow, by offering you an increasingly rare service, namely the production of official photos!

By this I mean, identity photos, passport, driving license (ANTS standards), and all international type photos, such as visas or specific requests.

In 2020 it is the impressions of your photos that are added, with the acquisition  high performance printers. Your 10x15cm photo is printed in just under 12 seconds, for example.

So you have no more excuses for not coming to meet me in store!  

See you soon,


JCS Photography, Creator of Memories! 

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